Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Wisconsin Real Estate Exchangors?
A. We are an organization of licensed full time Real Estate Professionals who meet regularly for the specifice purpose of marketing real estate.

Q. What type of real estate is involved?
A. Although we buy, sell, and exchange all types of properties, many member’s expertise is in multi-family, commercial, industrial and development.

Q. How often and where do they meet?
A. Meetings are held weekly on each Thursday with breakfast at 9:15 A.M. and the meeting at 9:30 A.M. The meetings last an hour or so.

Q. Who can participate?
A. Presentation of packages is limited to members only. You must be a licensed real estate professional to be a member or a guest.

Q. Can anyone become a member?
A. Any licensed real estate professional may apply for membership.

Q. What are the membership dues?
A. Dues for a full member are $250 per year and are prorated if you join any time during
the year.

Q. What are other classifications of membership?
A. Sponsor Affiliate: any non-licensed professional wanting to expose their business or product. Sponsor Affiliate may present programs, receive a listing in our directory and an advertisement in our monthly publication. Dues are $150 per year and prorated if joining during the year.
B. Exchangor Affiliate: any licensed real estate professional who is in good standing with a real estate group outside Wisconsin. Exchangor Affiliate Members are afforded full membership benefits and can present properties at meetings. Dues are $150 per year.